Jack’s first letter – 23 Aug 1914

No 58 E Company
5th Cpy London (Rifles Brigade)
Cowshot Camp

Dear Mother & Father
Arrived here at Bisley about 10. pm in the rain.  I did not sleep much last night and had to get up at 6am this morning and went to church parade 9 am Up to time of writing 4.30 pm nothing but miking [as in taking the mick]. Not much grub down here:- Breakfast ½ slice bacon, bread, ditch water and some jam.  Dinner stew very nice but small & bread. There are ten to twelve men in a tent.  We have to do all our own washing up &c.  Will you send me down those flannel trousers and a mug and plate if you can a soap tin and dish rag and any odd grub will be welcomed.  We shall start some hard work tomorrow with luck.  Hope to here from you soon.  Trusting this will find you in the best of health &c with love to Ethel [his sister] and selves.

I remain
Your Sincere Son

Jack's first letter

Jack’s first letter


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