30 Aug 1914

30 August 1914

30 August 1914

No 58 E Company
R. B.
Bisley Camp

Dear Mother & Father
Thanks very much for your letters in the week.  The shoes fitted alright & the tin of salmon &c came in very handy.  I received the parcels in good condition thanks for sending them.  If you get a few bob over any time you can send me some chocolate in a box plain nut & milk it will keep alright & it is very nice to eat when turning in.  Last night I slept alright for the first time since my arrival here.  I am getting into it alright now not bad either.  The LRB [London Rifle Brigade] is taking about two hundred more recruits for foreign service & then a battalion of one thousand of us is practically certain to go abroad in a few months time. The letter from the LB&SCR [London, Brighton & South Coast Railway] enclosed has been signed by Captain Thompson of E Company so that the ticket should be now alright. Kel told me in his letter that he had failed in his test so will only get 6/6 per week instead of 12/- but he is going in for it again in three months time.  Hope Ethel is getting on alright also selves.  Kind regards to everybody round about.  Have played footer the last two evenings & in the morning the company has to go for a run & march about 10 minutes before Swedish drill.

Love to all.
Your Affectionate Son



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