5 Oct 1914 – “passed the firing test”

No 58 E Company
Camp Hill Camp

Dear M & F
Received your letter today pleased to hear you are quite well now.  I was inoculated yesterday & shall be done again in about a weeks time.  My arm is stiff a bit & we all had a day’s hike to get over it.  Grub is much better now, we had a herring each today had to pay 1d for it tomorrow I think haddocks at 2d a time are coming round.  In one of the drawers up stairs is a purse of mine, will you send it on as my few bob will be much safer then. I am a trained man now having passed the firing test.  The idea in not letting men have too much leave is in case they are required to go abroad within a few hours notice. Sorry to trouble you but will you send my razor & strap as mine here is not quite A1 & also my mouth organ.  I should like to here from Ethel any time.  Hope funds are alright now.  When my money comes next time you might send on the extra few bob & then if I get a chance to get leave I wont have to walk home.  I have been away from home over six weeks now seems longer to me.

5 Oct 1914

5 Oct 1914 pages 1 & 4

5 Oct 1914

5 Oct 1914 pages 2 & 3




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