Oct 1914 – “France most likely Saturday”

No 58 E Company
Camp Hill Camp
Undated Letter found in envelope post marked 25.10.1914

Dear Mother & Father
Received Parcel &c today everything OK & many thanks for same.  Will you keep £2 in hand for me in case I come home shortly that is a day or so, & if I am not able to get home I will drop a card telling you where to send it, of course you would register it in that case.  You see it is like this we are supposed to leave England for somewhere – France most likely Saturday.  I passed the medical exam alright today a pretty stiff one too.  I don’t think that we shall really leave until Wednesday, so in that case shall be almost certain of leave.  Sorry about wanting the cash, but I cant very well go abroad without any can I?  Had a nice letter from Paula today & one from Mr Hudson yesterday.  Cheer Ho! & dont worry,  love to Ethel & selves.

Your Affectionate Son



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