27 Dec 1914 – Heaps of mud over here

27 Dec 1914

Dear Mother & Father
Received your letters of 15th 16th 18th 20th 21st & 22nd yesterday & today many thanks.  I should like a benzine match box arrangement very much. Is it poss to send me a cheap watch as I cannot see the time when in the trenches or at all come to that. You can treat yourselves & Ethel to something for Xmas with my club money. Had some snow and rain today, frost the day before. Heaps of mud over here. I have sent this first, two cards in an envelope and also for [expences?] for the [Batt.?] [rest illegible on this side of the card] Cheer up all


Front of Field Service Post Card with end of message.

Front of  Post Card with end of message.

and make haste and get well ma. Tell Father to stick the little trip &c [     ] What Ho! Tattenham Corner  Love to Eth & selves  Your Affectionate Son


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