4 Jan 1915 – there will be some slaughter when the advance begins

No 58 No 2 Co 5 platoon
British Exp Force

Dear Mother & Father
Am having this letter posted by a chap going home sick. Most cases of frost bite go home but my luck seems out. The battalion is at a place named Ploegesteert, (Belgium),about 3 miles north of Armentiéres & 3½ south of Messines the latter being about 8-10 miles south of Ypres. When we came out we went from Harve to St. Omer and stopped there about 10 days. Left St. Omer went through Hazebrouck & Bailuell on to Romerin not far from where we are now. Have had a devil of a time one way or another with the weather and fatigues. Don’t mention anything about these places when you write me. If I stop here when I get better shall probably be pushed down to the base & then it might be some time before I get back to the battalion. If any of my letters to you get lost or you don’t here from me write to LRB and they should be able to tell you where I am. Our tommies are sticking it well. All Kitchener’s men will be wanted as there will be some slaughter when the advance begins. The country is in an awful state. Hope funds are good at home. Cheer up all hope to see you soon. Trust you are all keeping well at home & that everything is going well. Write soon, I’ll write as often as I can. Love to Ethel & selves. Your affectionate Son


4 Jan 1915 pg1

4 Jan 1915 pg2


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