7 Jan 1915 – My feet are rotten again

7 Jan 1915

No 58 No 2 Co 5 Platoon
British Exp Force

Dear Mother & Father
Received your parcel & letter on the 5th also letter yesterday many thanks. The contents of parcel were A1 & went alright. My feet are rotten again, I don’t think they can be improved while on this game but the mustards warms the feet a little. It is no use sending the other uniform as I shall not want it. I should like another pair of pants very much & one or two small rough towels, also an aluminum soap tin as I sat on the other. Don’t send anymore chocolate as have had too much a little potted meat paste or breakfast sausage would be better. Funny you should be surprised at me knowing so many people. Rather decent of the old boy sending £4. I have received all your parcels now. Auntie Ida sent me some chocolate & a lady unknown to me but through some one in the office sent me a box of sweets & chocolate. Miss Narramore sent me a packet of chocolate and a pair of woolen gloves. Rotten the club going smash, twenty is hardly enough to keep it going. Thanks for putting the cash away for me, it will come in handy later on. A wrist watch will do nicely if you can get one that will go alright. We are going up to the trenches again tonight for four days so shall not be able to write for a time. Kind regards to everyone round about. Trusting this will find you in the best of health with love to Ethel and selves.

I remain
Your affectionate Son


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