29 Jan 1915 … snow over a foot deep

No. 58 No 2 Co 5 Platoon
British Exp Force

Dear Mother & Father
Received you letters of 22nd 23rd & 25th pleased to hear you are well. It snowed a little while we were in the trenches & the weather was freezing. Rather rough having snow over a foot deep. Have not received registered letter yet but expect to tonight. Business seems to be slack in the town. I had a letter from Harold yesterday he is getting on alright. I expect the work he has had in the REs has pulled him out a lot. It will be rotten if compulsory service comes into force still I suppose it is necessary. Why are you trying to disguise yourself afraid of getting run in as a spy or something else. You ought to try a beard now for a change. Glad to hear Paula is going on alright. Can’t think of anymore to write at present. Kind regards to neighbours. Love to Ethel & selves & trusting this will find you in the best of health.
I remain

Your affectionate Son

29 Jan 1915

29 Jan 1915



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