23 Sept 1915 There are a lot of Indians here …

No. 58. B. Co
British Exp Force

Dear Mother & Father
A few lines to let you know I’m getting on alright & am quite well. I haven’t received a letter from home for quite five days it may be that the post is being held up again. Up here I’m well amongst the noise of guns & rifle fire still as safe as can be. The weather here has be grand since we landed in France very hot during the day but cold at night. Yesterday I had a fine hot bath & change of underclothes. There are a lot of Indians here they’re a funny set of men & what’s more they seem to be getting a little too much fling for blacks. I see by the papers that new [Taxes] are coming into force hope they won’t interfere with you. The way things are going the sooner this game’s ended the better for everybody. Try to save my money when it comes you might find it useful later on especially as everything is in such a bad state. We are under canvas here and live pretty well, much better than last time I was out here, but the water is not fit to drink unless filtered or boiled. I should like you to send out with the other stuff a 2 ounce tin of Waverley tobacco as the stuff here is not much class. Hope bus [business] is still brisk up top & that all are keeping well.  Kind regards to everyone around & love to Ethel and selves.

Your affectionate Son

P.S I wrote to Mr Cornish a week or so ago don’t know whether I’ve offended him as he hasn’t replied of course he may have not have received the letter.

[on back of letter]

Dear Ethel
Many thanks for your letter about a fortnight ago. Very pleased to hear you are getting on alright & hope you enjoyed your holiday. I suppose you are very pleased with your fiance eh what! for joining the colours, by the way has he seen the error of his ways yet. Hope you’ll be able to play with perfection “Alice” by the time I return, say about December 1920 if not a week or two before. Cheer ho! & don’t overwork (trust you for that) & with kind regards to [Pusky/Rusty?] & love to self, also regards to dear Ernie.

I remain
Your dear little brother

23 Sep 1915 to Ethel

23 Sep 1915 to Ethel

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