9 Nov 1915 A bomber’s job is alright …

No 58 B Co
No 5 Platoon

My Dear Mother & Father
I received your letter today very pleased to hear you are all well at home. The papers turned up also, but the parcel will be a few days longer in travelling. Shall be very pleased to get socks as I’ve only 1 thick pair & handkerchiefs are very valuable to me at present so you cannot send too many. A bomber’s job is alright as I hear we dodge all fatigues & guards whereas before I came in for both. Should like some more tobacco when you send again, a two ounce tin of 3 nuns will do very well though it’s rather dear at present. Hope you’ll manage to settle the gate business alright & get one that doesn’t bend when the milkman gets hooked up with it. I expect Dad feels a trifle out of place stopping away from home all the week, hope he won’t get fed up with it. Glad you’re getting about & making the best of life stick it. Hope Ethel is getting on well & seeing life such as it is around Croydon & home & not spending too much on aniseed balls or sugar. Keep [well all / cheerful] cheer ho & love to all at home.  Kind regards to neighbours.

Your Affect. Son

P.S Should like some Iron Jelloids**
9 Nov 1915 pg19 Nov 1915 pg2**Iron Jelloids are lozenge sweets used to counter an iron deficiency.



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