21 Nov 1915 The biscuits are fine & the tobacco smokes a treat.

No 58 B Co
No 5 Platoon

My Dear Mother & Father
Received your parcel yesterday many thanks. The biscuits are fine & the tobacco smokes a treat. The towel & handkerchiefs are very handy & the Oxo cubes will do for when I get into the trenches; I haven’t used the others you sent before. We move from here tomorrow or Tuesday but don’t expect to go into the trenches for a fortnight or so. When you get time Ma will you have a look at my breeches & if you think they are any good touch them up & send them out to me & I should like a small sponge (I asked for one some time ago) & another bag to put sponge soap &c in as the one I’ve got is going west rapidly. Hope you’re not getting fed up with me writing home for so many things let me know if you are. Received Dad’s letter yesterday also one from Teddy he seems rather cheerful. Cheer ho! & kind regards to neighbours. Hoping all are well at home with love to Ethel & selves.

I remain

Your affect Son
21 Nov 1915 sheet1


21 Nov 1915 sheet2


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