23 Nov 1915 … after 9 miles marching over the rottenest roads in Europe we arrived at Poperinghe

No 58 B Co
5 Platoon

My Dear Mother & Father
Just a few lines to let you know I’m still A1. We shifted yesterday from our old billets & after 9 miles marching over the rottenest roads in Europe we arrived at Poperinghe [Belgium] (Teddy knows this place) & we continue our journey to a place about 6 miles south of here in a day or two. The bombers are billeted in an empty house. I’m in the front bedroom rather a comfortable room with blinds still fixed so we can kid ourselves we’re at home when we turn in at night. There were more biscuits in the last box than the other one & they were jolly fine too. Hope you’re getting along alright at home & with plenty of funds. Don’t let Mum make herself ill with too much work over those swaddies though at the same time having something to do she’ll be able to forget that I’m out here. Hope Mrs Paterson is alright now tell her I’ll write when I get time. Kind regards to all neighbours & love to Ethel & selves.  Hoping this will find you all well.

I remain

Your affect Son

P.S. kind regards to [Flip] and thank him for the eggs and handkerchiefs.

23 Nov 1915 pg2

















Within the same envelope is another letter:

For Mr Hudson
Sorry I forgot the spontaneous part of the combustion re the firing of the barn. Kind regards to Mrs H the children and yourself.

Yours Sincerely

P.S Will write as soon as poss
23 Nov 1915 pg4



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