20 Dec 1915 Keep this letter to yourselves …

No 58 Grenadier Co

My Dear Mother & Father,
A few lines to let you know I’m still keeping alright & cheerful. My feet get very cold occasionally but up to now I’ve had no trouble with them. I, with some other bombers came up to the trenches Sunday night 12th Dec & we’re still here & do not expect to get out till tomorrow  We are holding over ¼ mile of front & reserve trench about four miles south of Ypres & 1½ north St. Eloi a rather nice spot.  IDT.

Early Sunday morning the Germans attacked up at Hooge on our left, the affair started about 3.30am and the Artillary and rifle fire continue until daylight about 7:30am. The attack was repulsed easily by the artillery. The Guns were going all the day more or less making a devil of a noise. It was a fine sight watching the busting shells & the flares going up. The attack was followed up after gas had been used, also a great number of weeping shells were used. We got a very slight touch of the fumes from the weeping shells and tears came to the eyes. Hope funds are alright at home. How is Ethel getting on, well I hope? I’m glad mother’s cold is gone & that she is now alright. Enclosed you’ll find some Honesty flower which I picked in the village of Voormizeele [Voormezeele] behind the trenches, keep it for luck. Keep this letter to yourselves as I’m having it posted in England by a pal on leave. Well write again soon. Shall I write & thank Miss Millward (Singer) for sending parcel. Cheer ho & kind regards to all neighbours.  Love & best wishes for a Happy Xmas & no worrying about me.

Your affectionate Son

20 Dec 1915 pg3009


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