6 Jan 1916 Is that rumour of peace being declared next week any good?

No 58 B Section
Grenadier Co

My Dear Mother & Father
Just received your letter of 3rd Jan pleased to hear all are well at home. Haven’t received a number of your letters for the last week or so as they with the Co & I’m still away from it waiting to get back. The Reg. letter I think has turned up so I hope to get it tomorrow. It’s not at all bad sleeping under canvas. Don’t send that quid for a bit say until I write for it as I don’t want you to be short & the 10/- ought to be plenty to get along with. Had a letter from Mr Hudson today. Congrat: Teddy for me when you see him & tell him not to come out to this hole again. You’ll be pleased to hear I’m keeping very well. Hope Dad is still busy & keeping fit. Is that rumour of peace being declared next week any good? Had some rain here last night while the weather as a whole is very mild now. Don’t forget to make use of my cash as you want it you know you’re welcome to it. Will write again as soon as I get a chance. Have been tent pitching all day. Kind regards to all neighbours & love to all at home. Hoping this will find you all well.

I remain
Your affect Son

Have just received Tit-bits etc and letters d/d 26th 28th & 30th Dec.


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