13 Mar 1916 … this new Division of Services is one of the assault

No 58 Grenadier Co

My Dear Mother & Father
A few lines to let you know I’m still keeping A1. The weather here today is glorious just like midsummer as also was yesterday’s. Yesterday we had a march of fifteen miles to another place just outside Doullens** where Pat was – rather a warm job with overcoats & full pack, still I managed it quite well & feel none the worse for it. We are about ten miles behind the firing line here and can hear the reports of the guns quite plainly. At Victoria there is a notice up to the effect that leave has been suspended in the BEF [British Expeditionary Force] from March 1st till further notice, which I hear out here might mean until August, what hopes eh! There’s a possibility of us not going up the line for a few weeks but when we do I expect we shall see some dirty work as this new Division of Services is one of the assault.

If you can possibly manage it I should like some brasso during the next week or so, but if it will inconvenience you at all don’t trouble about it. We got pretty good grub & are looked after rather well now a bit different to last year. Hope Ethel is getting on alright at bus & at home also keeping well. How’s the baby getting on now, well I hope. Received your tit bits yesterday many thanks. When I do come home shall expect the garden looking smart. King regards to all neighbours & love to all at home.

Your affect son

** Hubert Brown in his diary for the 12 March stated: “Up at 5.30 am to move off, marching to Gerzaincourt [Gezaincourt] via Bernaville about 15 miles.”


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