10 Jun 1916 Rotten news about death of Lord Kitchener…

No 58 Batt Bombers
1st L.R.B.

My Dear Mother & Father
Received your letter today, pleased to hear all are well. The weather here has been wet of late though today was somewhat brighter. We are still out resting expect to go up again shortly. You say you are sending out a tin of sausages well, I shouldn’t trouble, a couple of tins of salmon would be as nice & about the same price.Would not fresh sausages cooked or German sausage keep in a parcel? Sorry to hear E Millest is in hospital; what is the matter with him? Enclosed you’ll find a souvenir P.C. first I’ve seen with LRB on. Hope Dad is still busy & keeping A1. Rotten news about death of Lord Kitchener, how do the people at home take it. Write soon any news. Kind regards to all neighbours & love to Ethel & selves.

Your affect Son

10 June 1916010
10 June 1916pg2011




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