8 July 1916 The Big Tent, Newton Abbot, V.A.D. Hospital

8 July 1916 pg1
The Big Tent
Newton Abbot
V.A.D Hosp

Dear Mother & Father
A few lines to let you know I’m still existing. I arrived here yesterday afternoon after a lot of travelling. We went over the top last Saturday at Gommecourt Wood & [district] it turned out that our Div 56th & 46th had to make a bluff. We took first three lines of trenches & after being in them over 12 hours in a counter attack fresh Prussian and Bavarian troops relieved us of them. In the morning 10 o’clock I got a bullet through the lower jaw pushing it a trifle & in the evening 8 o’clock when retiring I got a wound in left forearm & a big piece blown out of my right thigh. I had to [wait ] in the German [wire] for two hours after [that] & [then] I [got] down to the dressing station. Am still feeling pretty rotten can’t sleep & can’t eat any solid stuff. Will you send me some stamps 1/2d &c & writing material soon [     ] writing longer letter when I feel better. The [whole?] of the  [two?] Divs are almost wiped out. I think I’m the only one left of 14 in the part of trench where I was I’m lucky. If Chris Williams is in this part of the world for goodness sake don’t let her know I’m here. Cheer ho!  all & kind regards to neighbours. Love to all.  Your affect Son Jack.



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