24 Aug 1916 I’ve lost about 10lbs since I’ve been wounded

24 Aug 1916 photo001

The  letter contains a photograph of Jack in Hospital, second from the right with two other soldiers and a nurse.

Ward No 2
VAD Hosp
Newton Abbot

My Dear Mother and Father,
At last a few lines. Received your PC this morning pleased to hear both are well. Tuesday I went by motor boat from here to Teignmouth had tea & came back by train. Wednesday I went out to tea & Thursday to Totnes by bike & down the river from there to Dartmouth; I went & saw Grandpa, Ethel met me at the pontoon. Left Dartmouth & went back to Totnes had tea and then finished the journey by bike. You’ll be pleased to hear I’m still going strong though I’ve lost about 10lbs since I’ve been wounded. Have had a lot of rain here during the last week; what is it like at home? I got a nice pair of shoes from Uncle Will, light ones with elastic in the sides jolly fine for walking about in. Kind regards to all. Love to both.

Your affectionate Son
24 Aug 1916 001



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