15 Dec 1916 … finished up by kissing a number of the lads, I was unlucky

Ward B16
1st Southern Genl

My Dear Mother & Father
Received you letter this morning pleased to hear all are well. You can get the ring you suggested as you know more about them than I do. Had a fine concert here this afternoon about the best that has been here. There were a few of the artists from Razzle dazzle, an American singer, five little American girls in another turn & there were several other good artistes, one being a French piece of goods, she sang pretty good English & was encored about three times & finished up by kissing a number of the lads, I was unlucky. Most of these people appear at the Grand Theatre Birmingham. The Dentist came round this morning and enquired whether I played cards & drank beer – now do I – because he’s getting up a whist drive and [beans] for xmas for the jaw cases, I guess we’ll enjoy ourselves this trip. I’ve got to write to the Firm to let them know that I’m here for Xmas as they’re sending special parcels to the troops. If you get anything I might fancy & you can sport it send it along for Xmas. Hope Dad is still keeping A1 also busy & how is Miss Widdicombe? Will write again when I get any news. Kind regards to all neighbours & love to Ethel & selves.

Your affect Son
Jack x


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