26 Dec 1916 Each man had a stocking Xmas morn

Ward B16
1st Southern

My Dear Mother & Father
Many thanks for Xmas card received this morning. Had a fairly decent time yesterday, plenty of grub & in the evening there was a concert in the ward but I did not worry about it. Had a card from Alice Philpot with yours, I shall have to write her shortly. Each man had a stocking Xmas morn containing card, handkerchief packet of cigs, cig case, pencil, cake of soap & an apple & orange. The weather here is keeping fine rather cold though. Hope [ald] will have a decent time on furlough, only wish I could have mine with him. Have only had about four Xmas cards & one or two letters lately so shall not have a lot to answer. Hope you all had a decent time at home, wish I’d been there, should have had a glorious [drunk].  Kind regards to all neighbours & love to Ethel & selves.

Your affect Son

P.S. The watch is always stopping & gains & loses in turn anything from ½ – ¾ of an hour every hour or so might send it home & you can raffle it or lose it or perhaps change it.


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