1 June 1917 Some are real crocks.

No 58 G Co LRB
Aisne Barracks Farnboro

My Dear Mother & Father
At last a few lines to let you know I’m still alive and as chirpy as ever. Sorry I have not written lately, but there is no news of interest & you know I’m in a safe place here so there is no need to worry about me. Reg Paul left here this morning for 4 days leave & intends coming to see you if time permits. Have not heard from the girl for nearly a week, expect she is rather busy. A big draft of unfit (A3) men leaves here in a few days, in fact I think all Regiments are sending them over yonder to get fit & up the line again. Some are real crocks.The weather is more or less bright now, Hope it will remain so for a few months. I’m still on my same old job, get very fed up at times, to be candid if it were not for all at home & the girl I’d ask to go back tomorrow, as the same old game gets on ones nerves & this War appears to be likely to hang on for some time, & if one goes over yonder it’s sure to be one way or the other fairly quickly. Don’t get wind up over this as I shall not go until sent. Hope the house is finished, guess it will look alright by the time I arrive home & don’t forget the garden. Well, cheer ho kind regards to all neighbours & love to Eth & selves. Trusting this finds all well.

Your affect Son


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