About Sutton Local Studies & Archives Centre

Sutton Local Studies & Archives Centre cares for the archives and local studies collections of the London Borough of Sutton which date back to the 14th century, making them available to the public for research.

Great War Stories: Local People at Home and on the Front, 6 Nov – 12 Dec 2014
This exhibition formed the centrepiece of the Borough’s World War 1 centenary commemoration. Jack Widdicombe’s letters were a major part of that exhibition along with letters from other soldiers who didn’t make it back. We plan to make parts of the exhibition available to other organisations and branch libraries over the next four years.
Europa Gallery, Sutton Central Library, 6 Nov – 12 Dec 2014

Letters Home
On the 27 Nov, Sutton Amateur Dramatic Club presented “Letters Home” in the Europa Gallery. The presentation, with music, featured Jack’s letters along with contemporary local newspaper cuttings from  Sutton Local Studies & Archives, dramatised by Ann Pattison and Teresa Tipping, with Peter Kelly and other members of Sutton Writers.

In addition to Jack’s letters, the event featured extracts from letters sent home by Gunner Fred Sharp of Sutton. Jack was lucky and survived the war. Fred did not. He left a wife and two young daughters.

Jack's "mother" reading from his letters

Jack’s “mother” reading from his letters


Jack’s “mother” reading from his letters












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